How to Become a Football Referee

Football is a hard-hitting, emotionally packed game. Football referees must be both physically fit and in great control of their emotions. Oftentimes the only cool heads on the field belong to the referees. A strong sense of mental focus and alertness is essential to those who become a football referee.

With the strength of organizations such as American Youth Football  and Pop Warner Football, the demand for football officials has never been greater. Area youth football organizations can provide information about obtaining work for officials.

Football Referee Training

The best way to become a football referee is through state approved boards which educate officials to work high school and youth games. These local associations generally offer classes and clinics to certify and prepare football referees for at all pre-college levels. A good understanding of football rules is esstential to becoming a top football official. Select your state from the Choose a State page to find links to the association in your own area.

An excellent resource for high school football rules can be found here: 2014 NFHS High School Football Rules Simplifed & Illustrated

Football Referee Equipment and Uniform

  • Black football shoes with black laces
  • Striped stockings
  • Black and white vertically striped shirt, both long and short sleeved
  • All white tapered knickers
  • Black belt
  • Fitted black football cap with white piping
  • Fox 40 whistle with lanyard
  • Bean bag
  • Stop watch

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