How to Become a Softball Umpire

Softball UmpireFrom youth to adult and in between, softball continues to be a game of enormous popularity.
Organized leagues can be found in throughout the country at all age levels. For those men and women looking to become a softball umpire, the opportunity to work and advance has never been better.

Softball Umpire Training

The American Softball Association  is the national governing body for softball organization in the USA. It not only oversees youth softball but also adult softball at for both men and women. For softball umpiring candidates, ASA trains, tests and certifies officials for all levels. Intensive softball umpire schools are held throughout the country to assure that quality umpiring is available to all local organizations.

To learn about becoming a softball umpire at the high school level, select your state from the choose a state page and follow the links to your state’s athletic association.

Here is a good resource for 2015 high school softball rules: 2015 NFHS Softball Rules Simplified & Illustrated

Softball Umpire Equipment and Uniform

  • Black athletic shoes
  • Black socks
  • Trousers (could be gray or navy depending on your area)
  • Required shirt (once again different colors for different areas)
  • Navy umpire’s cap
  • Black belt
  • Ball and strike indicator
  • Chest protector
  • Shin guards
  • Mask

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