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High school sports in the United States are played by rules published by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

In each state there are associations affiliated with the NFHS which oversee high school sports. Some of these organizations are called “athletic associations.” Others go by the title “activities associations.” While some are simply called “high school associations.” With few exceptions, if you would like to become a sports official at the high school level you must become a member of an organization which is affiliated with the NFHS.

All of these state organizations have a website which contains information about the sports and activities which they oversee. When you go to the website of your own state you will find an area which provides information for anyone that would like to become a sports official. This is where you should begin.

Choose your state from the map below to find more information about how to become a referee in your state. (If the map does not show up immediately, please refresh the page).

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